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Four Government Tech Trends to Watch This Year

Government tech trends

We’re only a few months into the year, but already there are some big topics taking shape in the government tech space. Based on what we're hearing from customers and throughout the industry, here are four predictions for government tech trends in 2022:

  1. Increased interest in 5G. Government will ramp up efforts to learn what’s possible with 5G and agencies will start to envision the future with these added capabilities. With 5G networks unfurling in markets worldwide, the question is no longer whether to incorporate this newest mobile technology standard, but how and when to do so.

  2. Focused integration of remote workers. Even though most Federal Government workers have been asked to return to the office, many will still be approved to work from home. Consequently, there is still a deep need for agencies to pursue and integrate telework innovations for improved collaboration between home “offices” and secure and reliable networks.

  3. Recognized need for multiple connectivity options and low earth orbit (LEO) satellites. Agencies are increasingly awarding contracts to multiple vendors as they look to upgrade their broadband and enhance their digital capabilities. They are also exploring adding LEO broadband into the mix of terrestrial and geostationary satellite options, introducing low latency, high throughput connectivity for certain applications and networks.

  4. Re-energized conversations around Managed Services, particularly around Digital Signage Solutions and Network Management. Agencies at all levels are exploring how these options can solve concrete challenges and position them to do more for their communities. Digital Signage for example, can deliver up-to-the-minute information to keep employees, students and citizens better informed.

With $58.4B – a full 60% of the FY 2022 IT budget – projected to go to civilian agencies, there is a huge opportunity for decision-makers to consider future-forward initiatives like these to modernize their networks and meet constituent expectations for government services.

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