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A Proven, Trusted Provider is Essential to Maximize LEO Satellite Opportunities

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We are in the midst of a transformation in how business, government, and consumers use satellites. Venture capital and other investments are flowing into companies focused on low-latency space connectivity, enabling a new era of satellite communications.

Thousands of small satellites have been or will be launched into low Earth orbit (LEO). While some satellite operators are consumer-focused, the Hughes Managed LEO solution offers enterprise and government customers a state-of-the-art service designed for enterprise requirements.

Consumer service providers promise that using their LEO constellation is as simple as plugging in a new TV— just buy a terminal and connect. While that may be suitable for a home installation, an enterprise is going to need far more support from their vendor. An IT leader must consider network integration, SLA, field service, performance, and security considerations in selecting the right LEO operator to provide connectivity service.

Hughes and Eutelsat OneWeb

Hughes Managed LEO utilizes the OneWeb satellite constellation to meet these enterprise needs. OneWeb, which has merged with Eutelsat, has partnered with Hughes on technology, including:

The ESA is a critical part of delivering OneWeb connectivity. Unlike a typical satellite antenna that can only track one satellite at a time, the Hughes flat panel ESA is able to connect to multiple satellites at once. As one satellite passes overhead and starts to disappear, the ESA can switch the signal to the next OneWeb satellite emerging above the horizon.

The Advantages of Hughes Managed LEO

Business and government customers not only need broadband capacity, but also managed network services. The major differentiator between Hughes and other LEO capacity providers is the expertise and support we offer in network management. Hughes provides customers with managed broadband service that can stand alone or be integrated into a company’s broader terrestrial network. We can also blend Eutelsat OneWeb LEO service with capacity from our constellation of JUPITER satellites in geosynchronous orbit (GEO), or wireless 4G LTE and 5G services, and then design a network to fully integrate the various transports. Additionally, we can deliver LEO connectivity to mobile network operators who want to extend their networks to reach remote and rural communities that lack cable and fiber connections.

The Hughes Managed LEO service has several advantages for enterprise customers, including:

  • Capacity can be pooled among different locations. For example, if one retail store or resource extraction site needs more capacity for a given task, it can use what other locations don’t need. Airtime pooling lets capacity be used where it is needed at no extra cost. This can be critical in emergency or disaster relief situations.
  • Unlike other operators offering a choice of just a few service plans, Hughes gives every customer a customized plan suited to their needs and capacity uses.
  • Professional installation is available, from optimal network design to the necessary cabling needed to get the service online. This can include integrating the LEO service with other company networks and connections.
  • The customer gets one invoice covering the entire service with a breakdown for each site, not an individual bill for each location where the service is connected. And the bill doesn’t have to be paid by credit card!
  • Hughes offers an enterprise relationship, with experienced sales and sales engineers, program managers, and network engineers to not only architect the right network for the customer, but support it going forward. We also offer enterprise grade 24x7 helpdesk support to facilitate open communication when problems arise.
  • We offer committed information rates (CIRs) to a site based on customer needs. This is far superior to best-effort service, especially in a situation with heavy network traffic. A customer in a disaster situation shouldn’t have to share capacity with someone streaming videos.
  • Hughes can offer services far beyond just LEO capacity, including an overlay of security protocols, wireless service for handheld devices, and connections to terrestrial services.

Like any service, the acquisition of LEO to support or expand network coverage should be approached with full knowledge of alternative vendors and their offerings. Hughes is much more than a capacity provider, with the people, expertise, software, and equipment that together optimize all phases of network management. The expansion of communications alternatives created by new LEO constellations provides companies with greater choice in meeting their connectivity needs.