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Hughes Invests in the Customers it Serves

waitress in restaurant using technology

Hughes has a long history of making significant investments in innovation and technology, like our managed networks, enterprise broadband, backup connectivity, managed cybersecurity, and aero and maritime mobility implementations. But it’s not just technologies; Hughes invests in its people and in improving their skills and knowledge, so they can be experts in their respective markets and better serve customers.

One example is Hughes commitment to the foodservice industry, both corporate-owned and franchised models. Recently, I earned my Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) designation and, along with several of my Hughes colleagues, completed the Certified Foodservice Technology Professional (CFTP) program sponsored by the International Food and Beverage Technology Association (IFBTA). Certifications like these enable us to gain concentrated industry-specific expertise to complement our technology proficiency. Then, we can share our unique perspectives when we speak at, moderate or facilitate sessions at major conferences, or when we’re talking with industry leaders at our event booth.

Specifically, the CFTP focuses on the technologies utilized in a foodservice store, including those deployed for foodservice information, guest management, back of house, data analytics, point of sale (POS), payments, online ordering, catering, drive thru and self-service, store level infrastructure and more. Of course, all these systems impact the network – its performance and the overall customer experience.

In the past, these disparate technologies and systems didn’t interface with one another. The POS system was typically the primary focus when it came to technology deployments. That’s no longer the case at the quick serve restaurant or fast casual store. Now, back-office applications top the priority list, along with the need to integrate these systems and secure the network from end to end.

With our CFTP experience, along with our active involvement in industry associations like IFBTA, the Restaurant Technology Network, the International Franchise Association, the National Restaurant Association and more, my Hughes colleagues and I have a much deeper understanding of the specific apps and technologies our foodservice customers are using. We are even better positioned to consult with customers and provide targeted guidance on managed network services; and develop forward-looking technology roadmaps based on what is deployed at their sites today. Hughes investment in our professional development is ultimately an investment in the customers we serve.