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My Summer Internship at Hughes


BY: Gabriela Gonzalez

Over the past two months, I have been working as an intern for the corporate marketing department at Hughes. I chose Hughes for my summer internship experience because I knew that having the opportunity to work for this industry leader would broaden my understanding of the corporate world. I also knew that I would be given the chance to take on several projects and tasks that would enhance my knowledge and skills in the marketing communications field.


As an intern for Hughes, I ran several of my own projects. The major project I worked on was a social media campaign to support the announcement that Hughes and its parent company, EchoStar, won several workplace excellence awards. For this social media campaign, we highlighted several employees who embodied the workplace awards the company won – such as: The Diversity Champion Award, The EcoLeadership Award, The Health and Wellness Seal of Approval, and the Workplace Excellence Seal of Approval. Through this project, I was also given the opportunity to make an impact on the company. My campaign had great levels of audience engagement on each post and platform. Not only this, but the staff at Hughes enjoyed the finished product, as well. It was truly amazing to see that my work had not only made an impact on social media and my coworkers, but also on myself as an employee. From overseeing the content, to populating the social media platforms, each step was integral to not only bringing this campaign together, but also to my learning experience.


While the social media campaign was a highlight for me, as I look back on my time at Hughes, three things stand out:

  1. I got to learn about a fascinating business. Hughes is an industry leader in a field I knew little about – satellite communications. My internship has allowed me to learn so much about satellite communications and the essential role satellites play in providing global connectivity. Through broadband networks and telecommunications services, Hughes plays a pivotal role in providing connectivity to underdeveloped countries and remote locations ⁠— and in today’s day and age, connectivity is a necessity everywhere. 
  2. A great team is everything. I was surrounded by a great team that not only encouraged my learning, but also provided me with meaningful feedback on the projects I worked on. By working with a dynamic team, I was also given the opportunity to share my ideas and perspectives which in turn made an impact on the company. From the corporate marcom department to the 100+ interns in my summer “class” to the executives and staff at every level that I got to meet and work with, everyone was supportive and encouraging. I learned a lot about working with people that could only come from being treated as part of the team.
  3. Hughes is committed to Excellence. Throughout my internship experience at Hughes, I had the opportunity to work with individuals in several different positions. From working with HR to executives and staff at every level, one thing was apparent across the board: at Hughes, everyone is dedicated to doing the best work possible. This was important to me as it translated over to my team members and mentor’s willingness to help me succeed. They always wanted my work to be the best it could be; therefore, they were more than happy to guide me in any way shape or form. Not only did this help when it came to projects I was working on, but also when it came to my ability to develop the knowledge and skillsets needed to help me in my future endeavors.

The Hughes internship program sets a high standard for its interns. However, the training and knowledge that are acquired as a result sets future jobseekers, like myself, up for success. I am very grateful to not only the Hughes internship program, but also to my great mentors and team members. Throughout my summer at Hughes, I was given the irreplaceable opportunity to mature and develop my skill sets through learning from a talented group of individuals, and working in a dynamic environment where my work was truly valued.