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Engage Your Kids in STEM and Space this Summer with Free Online Activities

STEM and Space activities for kids

Struggling to offer up responses to your kids’ sighs of “I’m bored….”? Consider sending them to Space Camp – without buying a space suit or packing any luggage – with an online Space Exploration activity from Hughes and National 4-H, the premier youth development organization.

With support from Hughesnet, the flagship satellite internet service from Hughes, National 4-H launched a free online resource for parents and teachers designed to inspire the next generation of scientists. It’s just one example of the types of STEM programs Hughes supports for young people – and one of the reasons Hughes twice received the Communitas award for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility for our collaboration with 4-H. In 2021, Hughes was recognized for making a difference by providing accessible STEM education during the pandemic. This year, Hughes was honored for connecting youth to STEM education resources amidst America’s drive to digital.

The online portal offers fun, hands-on activities developed to spark kids’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Teaching critical STEM skills helps to build future leaders – many of whom may someday choose to work in the space and satellite industry.

In the Space Exploration activities, children join astronaut Isabella Hernandez in interactive videos as they see firsthand what it takes to live and work among the stars.

  • Space Exploration: Quest 1 – In this adventure, kids help Commander Isabella Hernandez solve one of the biggest challenges of long-distance space travel: nutrition. If astronauts are ever going to explore the outer reaches of the solar system, we’ll have to figure out how to grow nutritious food in space. (Grades 3-8)
  • Space Exploration: Quest 2 – Kids arrive at the moon and join Commander Hernandez as she shows how to assemble and repair a Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV). Then, they take it for a spin to collect sand and rock samples on the moon’s surface. (Grades 3-8)

Once they return from the outer space adventures, here are three more boredom busters to explore this summer:

  • Parachute Away – Kids know that when they throw an egg up into the air it will crash land on the floor and make a mess. In this activity, they learn how to harness the power of physics and air resistance to develop different parachute designs and discover a safe way to deliver an egg (or an astronaut) to the ground. (Grades 3-5)
  • DIY Flashlight – Every explorer needs the proper equipment! In this activity, kids learn about electrical energy using batteries and conductors as they create a battery-powered flashlight with an on/off switch. (Grades 4-7)
  • Crazy Kites – It could be said that space exploration began when humans constructed and flew the first kites thousands of years ago. Kids will get to use their engineering design skills to make and build a kite of their own. While testing out the kite designs kids will learn about how lift and air pressure work together to make things fly!

If you and your children enjoyed these activities, find more STEM activities from 4-H and Hughesnet online.