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Employee Communication in the Age of Work at Home


As many employees have moved to remote worker status, the importance of employee communication has skyrocketed. Keeping employees engaged and connected is critical to organizational success.

This communication must be more than just an occasional email encouraging people to work hard. This communication needs to be personal, emotional and passionate. The remote workers need to see and hear their leaders talking to them and guiding them through the changing environment.

The remote worker, whether newly transitioned or long-term remote, needs to feel connected to the organization. They need to know how their contributions are important and how things are rolling up to bring success to the whole organization.

It is important not only for existing employees but also for onboarding new employees too. Since they won’t have the benefit of working side-by-side with their new peers, you need to provide a jump-start to their career.

Video is the way to deliver this communication. At least once per quarter it should be a live communication – more often is better. In addition to the quarterly live activity, there should be more frequent recorded video communications. Retail executives have seen the importance of regular video communication with their store managers. Sharing their personal vision for the company and how the goals and objectives for the stores will help the whole organization achieve their goals.

Start with executive town halls. Whether you use Microsoft Teams, Zoom or any other video conference solution, you should hold a regular town hall where the executive leaders talk to the broader organization; whether its sharing results and forward-looking objectives or explaining decisions and the status of the organization’s efforts.

Between those town halls, record leaders and distribute the recording to the organization. Deliver the recordings on a system that can protect the network from overload and that can track and report on views. This helps you understand if the video messages are being consumed and if they are delivering value to the audience.

In order to accomplish this important program, you need a secure and reliable network and systems that can deliver to the edge. At Hughes, we know the importance of this communication and we are providing our customers with the reliable networks necessary to connect work at home employees and remote sites back to the headquarters. With the HughesON suite of managed services, we manage network connectivity to more than 425,000 sites globally, we have thousands of digital signage sites and almost 500,000 users viewing content in our employee communication service.

Join us and see how we can help you deliver on this critical success factor.