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5 Tips to Maintain Business as Usual During Hurricane Season


Hurricane season is more than just a season – it actually lasts a full six months of the year, running from June 1 through the end of November. With the National Weather Service predicting an “above normal” Atlantic hurricane season, it’s critical to have an internet backup service that you can depend on if your primary service fails for any reason.

While you can’t predict exactly when or where a storm will strike, you can do your B.E.S.T.E. to mitigate the effects when one is imminent. That’s our easy-to-remember acronym of five steps to help small businesses maintain business as usual during and after a hurricane – or any disaster.

Back Up

Implement a network backup solution to supplement your primary network connectivity. An internet failover solution, like Hughesnet® Internet Continuity, delivers seamless backup service that keeps your operations up and online when your primary connection goes down.


Consider getting a back-up generator and be sure to have a corded telephone and portable battery charger with extra batteries on hand to keep your technology running, even if the power goes out.

Send Up

Save and back-up data frequently, and store data in the Cloud or a separate facility away from the potential hurricane impact area where floods may damage local hardware.


Develop and practice executing your business continuity and emergency response plans with all employees, so they are ready to act if disaster strikes.


Assess which systems are essential for operations and know how to access them. This can include emergency response plans, accounting documents, passwords, inventory logs and customer contact information that you may need first in case of emergency.  

Ultimately, any disaster response plan is impossible to execute without reliable communications. When cell phone towers are damaged and terrestrial networks are flooded, satellite delivers the continuous connectivity needed to resume normal business operations.