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5 for 50: Five Industries Impacted by Hughes Technologies and Services

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At Hughes, we’re celebrating a half century of strong customer relationships across multiple sectors. To commemorate our 50 years, we surveyed our employees worldwide for their insights on a wide range of topics, including which industries have been changed the most by the capabilities of Hughes technologies and services. Here, we highlight five sectors greatly impacted by a variety of connectivity solutions.

  1. Emergency and Disaster Communications — When communities are struck by disaster, just the simple act of placing a phone call to loved ones when cell service and landlines go down is a challenge. That’s why satellite-enabled connectivity using Hughes Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) has become so vital to response teams. VSATs enable emergency responders to establish pop-up offices and command centers quickly and easily to coordinate relief efforts. Hughes emergency communications services have been deployed by the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), Pennsylvania Emergency Management Association (PEMA), the Japanese National Police and the Pacific Tsunami Alert System, and many others.

  2. Government Agencies — The mission of all government agencies, at all levels, is to serve citizens. In our national parks, we crave connectivity. In local libraries, we want to search the Web. At the Social Security Administration (SSA), we want to submit or collect claims. At the VA, we need to know where to go for assistance. These types of citizen-services and capabilities are made possible by a range of Hughes offerings – from HughesNet to the Hughes JUPITER™ System to HughesON™ Digital Signage. Examples of government customers include the U.S. Government Education and Training Network, Department of Veteran Affairs and the National Park Service.

  3. Retailers and Restaurants — Retailers, restaurants and franchise brands have transformed their operations over the past several years, as they’ve implemented self-check outs, real-time inventory systems, mobile sales assistance, and buy online/pickup in store capabilities. And all that was before Covid-19, which prompted more changes with touchless transactions and public health measures. All these deployments demand the types of technologies and services Hughes delivers, including Guest Wi-Fi, Managed Services, Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) and more. Leading global brands that rely on Hughes include BevMo!, Jack in the Box, Qdoba, BP, Phillips 66, ExxonMobil, Big 5 and Albertsons.

  4. Education and Training — Remote and online learning took center stage during the pandemic, but Hughes has been supporting e-learning initiatives for years, especially in areas where students struggle to get to a physical campus site. In India, Hughes has been running distance education courses and connecting 1,000+ classrooms to digital coaching across a variety of subjects. Hughes also developed a unique learning studio with an Interactive Online Learning Platform to meet the learning needs of India’s young business executives. Around the world, from Latin America to Malaysia, the Hughes JUPITER System enables internet access at 50,000 rural schools.

  5. Departments of Defense and Military Operations — For the modern battlespace, threats to communication are threats to mission success. For that reason, defense agencies demand solutions that ensure uninterrupted connectivity for teams and vehicles on-the-move across theaters. Hughes technologies have transformed military SATCOM networks and improved the warfighter’s communications capabilities. Solutions have been deployed to support the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, DoD CIO, Boeing, General Atomics, Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) for the U.S. Coast Guard, NavyNet (U.K.), Department of Homeland Security, the Korean Navy, the Mexican military and police, the Mexican Navy (Secretaria de Marina), and India’s Defence Communication Network.

We applaud the many milestones our customers have achieved and are proud to have had a part in helping them connect their customers, constituents, students and soldiers.