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More Digital Signage Benefits: Beyond Engagement


In my second post about digital signage benefits, I hope you learn even more about the ways implementing digital signage and enterprise digital signage can help you.

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Benefit No. 3: Digital Signage Can Impact Sales Lift and Revenue
As mentioned in the first post on digital signage benefits, should a retailer opt to display product videos near a specific product, the chance that someone will purchase that product increases. Same thing goes for accompanying items or for cross/up sell offerings. The likelihood that someone purchases an additional accessory increases if it is merchandised near the parent item and the shopper is “educated” about it. In a nut shell, some organizations have opted to use this point alone to justify the ROI for digital signage solutions. However, this isn’t always an end-all answer, as brands often incorporate digital signage into a broader marketing strategy, so it’s nearly impossible to tie sales lift exclusively due to digital promo boards – but it certainly doesn’t hurt.  

Another key impact in this area can be when a retailer offers signage space to vendors. For example, a sporting goods store might offer a digital sign to Adidas – for a price. In such a manner, companies can offset the cost of enterprise digital signage, potentially altogether, by allowing Adidas or another vendor to “control” the content on a specific screen(s). In turn, Adidas (or the vendor) as well as the company deploying the digital signage both benefit – as does the shopper through an enhanced customer experience.

Benefit No. 4: Digital Signage Can Help Bridge the Gap Between the Physical & Digital
Today’s shoppers have often decided what they are going to buy prior to even breaching the outer doors of a retailer. This means that they have spent potentially hours online researching the product, shopped a price against competitive outlets (including Amazon) and have ultimately decided that they are going to purchase at a specific store. However, on the off chance that they are not 100% set on a specific item, a digital sign that marries what they saw online to what is displayed in the store can potentially make the difference. In most facets of retail, social media is an additional, critical component. Therefore, if a retailer opts to incorporate a social aspect into their enterprise digital signage, the chance that someone buys dramatically increases. At the end of the day, a retailer’s store must be everywhere a customer is and the message must be uniform.

Benefit No. 5: Digital Signage Can Do More Than Just Engage Customers
A handful of digital signage vendors are seeing digital signage as a powerful medium to engage and empower employees. Using the same content management system as the customer-facing signs, through a quick template tweak and some gathering of employee-specific content, you can now leverage digital signage to dramatically enhance employee communication. Because, let’s be honest. Employees are no different than shoppers. If they have the information they need to do their jobs better, they are going to be more loyal to the brand and deliver an ultimately better customer experience. Additionally, a few signage vendors have taken this concept a step further to make the digital sign a virtual DVR making it possible to disseminate training videos, CEO town hall broadcasts, product videos, etc. to the same screen. In this manner, employees can gather the needed information prior to going on shift or on breaks (as appropriate), or as part of closing activities – allowing them to have AND deliver a better experience across the board.

At the end of the day, it is imperative that you look at the reasons WHY you are deploying digital signage. If you don’t know your WHY, your project is destined to fail from the very start. So, take this post and the thousands of others on this very subject and decide on your WHY. With the right WHY, you can effectively justify digital signage via tangible benefits – including a strong ROI, a better customer experience, and a more loyal employee base delivering that experience.