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Digital Signage Gets it Done


Anywhere people come together, there is a need to communicate. Whether to inform, alert, or influence, the best way to communicate is through dynamic visuals and video.

Companies that communicate effectively are 4x more likely to report high levels of employee engagement. And with higher levels of engagement, they report better financial results and increased employee retention.

Digital signage makes it possible and, when connected to a cloud-based content management system, makes it fast and easy. Let’s look at some of the many ways digital signage can help get it done.

  • As employees return to offices, be it full-time or in a hybrid arrangement, there is a need to provide information. Digital signage can be deployed to communicate health and safety measures, policies, and available services. For those using employee recognition programs as an essential part of their company culture, digital signage provides a great way to recognize and celebrate accomplishments.

  • As people return to inside dining, digital signage can boost customer confidence through the sharing of information about restaurant protocols; or by showcasing menu options and specials to help diners make selections.

  • When emergencies arise, digital signage provides an immediate and flexible way to share urgent instructions and to push content to specific screen locations. With a cloud-based content management system, content can even be updated remotely.

  • For self-service and kiosk options, digital signage is crucial for enabling people to navigate information and processes, whether it’s purchasing products, wayfinding services, or checking in. Digital signage screens facilitate such interactions through touch, scan, and voice inputs.

  • For businesses offering products and services, digital signage can support real-time inventory and product look ups, integrate online with brick-and-mortar operations, and promote content based on location or season, showing products and services in proper context. For example, a tire store may display winter tire options along with educational content on safe driving, plus highlight complementary service and product offerings.

Digital signage is inherently dynamic, flexible, and now more functional than ever before. It’s designed to make scheduling, targeting, and updating content easy, with the ability to display content on a single screen, or across an entire network of screens. The HughesON Digital Signage solution features a cloud-based content management system and SmartTVs screens in both large and small sizes. Standalone MediaSignage players are also available to connect to standard TV screens. Optional field maintenance and support packages are also available.

It’s likely whatever application or deployment you have in mind, HughesON Digital Signage solutions can help get it done.