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Hughesnet Launches in Mexico


Latest Step in World’s Largest Satellite Service Footprint Across the Americas

The October launch of Hughesnet® in Mexico marks a major step in the expansion across the Americas of the world’s largest high-speed satellite service footprint— building on its reach across the United States, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

“We are proud to introduce Hughesnet to Mexico, helping connect the unconnected throughout the country so people can enjoy the many social, economic, and educational benefits of quality, high-speed Internet access,” said Pradman Kaul, president of Hughes.

There is a great need for high-speed Internet in Mexico, especially in rural areas. According to Freedom on the Net 2018 – Mexico, Internet penetration in rural communities is only 14%, compared to 86% in urban areas. With the launch of Hughesnet in Mexico, approximately 95% of the population will have access to fast, reliable Internet service—no matter where they live or work.

Hughesnet in Mexico offers speeds of 25 Mbps for downloads and 3 Mbps for uploads. Plus, built-in Wi-Fi is included so customers can connect their various handhelds, computer devices, and Internet TVs to the service. With Hughesnet, customers can browse the web, watch movies, send and receive email, enjoy social media, conduct online banking, and more; Customer Care is available around the clock.

“Now, with the launch of Hughesnet, everyone across the country can enjoy the fast, reliable Internet service used by more than 1.4 million customers throughout the Americas,” said Vinod Shukla, Chairman, HNS de Mexico S.A. de C.V. “In Mexico— even in areas where fiber and cable services are not available—Internet access is now possible through Hughesnet.”

The launch of Hughesnet in Mexico follows Hughes success over many years in partnering with the Star Group/StarGo to deliver commercial enterprise services throughout Mexico.


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