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Private 5G Networks for Government Users—Innovation, Speed and Security


The Department of Commerce awarded millions of dollars to a consortium of wireless providers earlier this year, helping boost the deployment of advanced 5G networks that provide faster communications, innovative applications, and much-needed security enhancements. Enterprise and government users are hearing about the benefits that 5G networks are delivering. 

The EchoStar team, including Hughes, DISH, and Boost Mobile, is among this consortium, implementing Private 5G networks for the Department of Defense (DoD). The DoD is gaining operational efficiencies that state governments should review so they can add this innovative wireless technology to make their communications networks more effective in factories to remote emergency response sites across the U.S. 

ORAN 5G Networking 

The EchoStar team is building out more than just 5G networks. The team is focused on flexible, interoperable Open RAN networks. Open radio access networks are an emerging technology for cell towers that allow for the use of mix-and-match parts from different vendors. This means that the network can be flexible, scalable, and transparent. 

Available technical features for 5G Stand Alone (SA) networks

  • Modular, open systems approach with edge cloud processing
  • Zero trust security architecture
  • Latest 5G SA network system features including network slicing
  • Full spectrum threat detection and mitigation
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning support for network and security operations, and user applications
  • Geostationary (GEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite backhaul and backup for deployment worldwide 

Private 5G Applications offer the resiliency, security, and performance

  • Secure and reliable connectivity for user devices, even in remote locations
  • Internet of things (IoT) connectivity for equipment maintenance
  • High-speed data networking for real-time emergency response
  • Low latency augmented/virtual reality applications 

With Hughes Private 5G networking, today’s walkie-talkies, paper-trails, and telephone conversations will be replaced with a private, secure 5G network over which government processes and systems will be automated and continuously optimized. This means that Federal and State government agencies will benefit from these new technologies and the capabilities they will give their end users.