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How Employees Impact the BOPIS Experience

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Buy Online Pickup In Store, or BOPIS, is a growing trend in the retail market.

70% of shoppers have used this type of service more than once, and the number of retailers who are adopting the practice grows each month.

It creates a customer experience that pleases shoppers, and it helps fight back the encroachment of online shop-and-ship retailers. Are you ready to adopt BOPIS? More importantly, are your employees ready to adopt BOPIS?

The technology and systems to carry out BOPIS are important, but the employee is still the most critical component of this process. If you can explain the specific experience that you want each customer to have and why you are adopting BOPIS, the employees will catch your vision and you will have success.

When it comes to BOPIS, employees fear that their jobs are threatened and that they will not be needed. We know that the reverse is true. The employee will become more critical to success in this process.

The accurate fulfillment of a BOPIS order depends entirely on dedicated, committed, and engaged employees.

The delivery of that order from the store to the customer vehicle requires a smile and a friendly greeting to the customer.

Download our eBook on BOPIS and see how you can help your employees succeed in this brave new world of online purchases and in-store pickup.

Join us and together we can do something amazing.