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Fuel Marketer Improves Networking Capabilities for its Unbranded Sites Using Hughes Secure Connectivity Services

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The unbranded locations were “on their own” when it came to ensuring secure, reliable connections to keep their transactions flowing.

A petroleum retailer with more than 100 stations across the Mid-Atlantic region; 60% of the stations are affiliated with a major petroleum brand, while 40% operate as unbranded stations.


The major brand dictates all aspects of the enterprise network for its marketer locations, from the Point-of-Sale (POS) system to pre-selected service providers. For unbranded locations, however, the owner needs to address all aspects of the network on their own.

The unbranded stations each had different broadband capabilities and providers; performance varied widely across the network. Some locations experienced unreliable connections and outages that affected sales. Many had not upgraded their pay-at-the-pump equipment to be outdoor EMV compliant; and were at increased risk for data breaches. The owner’s lone IT employee could not keep up and was often overwhelmed with troubleshooting network issues and managing multiple providers.

Hughes Solution

The owner wanted to find a solution that enabled unbranded locations to have an enterprise-grade, high performance network and cybersecurity protection, just like the major branded marketer stations enjoy. He sought a single managed services provider to ensure consistent connectivity, without having to switch broadband service at every location, all while safeguarding transactions and customer data.

The customer selected Hughes Secure Connectivity Services (SCS):

  • Unbranded locations are now protected from outages and security threats.
  • The SCS service works over existing broadband connections.
  • SCS ensures network uptime for reliability and backup.
  • The PCI Compliance Suite add-on was selected to maintain compliance.

Hughes Technology

Hughes SCS uses the award-winning Fortinet security platform with the self-install and self-configuration options for an easy-to-use solution.

For more information, visit Hughes SCS.