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December 12, 2011

To: Sales & Transportation Managers

Re: Inbound Routing Instructions

Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES®) has several initiatives in place aimed at reducing costs and lead times, as well as improving quality and productivity. Inbound Transportation Management is an effort encompassing all of these initiatives through the partnership between Purchasing, Logistics, and our Suppliers.

The Supplier Inbound Routing Guide lists carriers, forwarders, and brokers with whom we have both price and quality commitments. Use of this routing guide and compliance with the incorporated instructions, on your part, will help Hughes meet many of its cost and service objectives.

Please review and adhere the Routing Guide Instructions. We are always open to feedback that will help improve our operations. Please feel free to contact our Purchasing or Logistics Departments with your ideas.

Thank you for your continued support of Hughes.


Eric Lee
Vice President, Corporate Materials