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Powering a Connected Future for Government & Defense Customers

Connecting the Unconnected
Inside Hughes

Hughes is proud to serve customers in government and defense sectors, both in the U.S. and globally. Civilian agency and military customers alike have mission-specific requirements for which Hughes tailors the most appropriate and innovative networking solutions—spanning a wide range of capabilities, from advanced technologies and systems development to service delivery and applications. In particular, Hughes draws on the deep experience and know-how of its talented people, who are the reason why the company has led the way in satellite networking for over three decades: What the company learns on the commercial side of the business has applications on the government and military side—and vice versa.

In this special section of Channels, we highlight several government and defense projects that reflect the company’s mission of providing people with connectivity, where and when it’s needed.

Meeting Customer Needs
Hughes leads the industry in pioneering both technologies and services, delivering operationally viable and cost-effective networking solutions.

In the defense arena, that might mean reducing hardware SWaP so that warfighters can be more mobile and agile...developing solutions that connect remotely powered aircraft. . . or, enabling helicopters and other rotary wing aircraft to go BLoS during intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

“U.S. and allied countries worldwide are working more closely with commercial communications innovators like Hughes to strengthen their communications networks and keep their users connected, just like our enterprise users,” said Rick Lober, vice president and general manager of Hughes Defense and Intelligence Systems Division. “The flexible and secure high-speed SATCOM services Hughes creates must support new and growing applications in every region, including the growing aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicle markets.”

For government organizations, Hughes helps modernize networks and delivers robust and secure solutions, ensuring that people in field offices and locations anywhere have the high-performance connectivity they need to fulfill their missions. Whether its emergency responders, teachers and students, park and preserve rangers or environmental researchers, all need connectivity for various applications, often in places beyond the reach of terrestrial services or when disaster strikes.

“Our government agency customers work day and night fulfilling missions many of us never hear about, yet demand connectivity everywhere they operate,” said Tony Bardo, assistant vice president of Hughes North America Division’s Government Solutions. “Whether we’re connecting a single park station or a disaster response command center or optimizing an entire agency network, our mission is to help our customers succeed in their missions.”