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When All (Digital) Signs Point to ROI

“What’s the return on investment?”: the question everyone expects, most people fear, and only a few answer effectively.

Consultant Adrian Weidmann says the only digital signage advocates who will convince their executives to invest in digital are those who figure out how to answer the ROI question in detail. The rest will be left guessing – and left behind.


Weidmann, founder and principal at Minneapolis-based StoreStream Metrics, described the science behind ROI calculation for digital displays during the recent HughesON webinar “Measuring the ROI of Digital Signage” with Hughes Network Systems Senior Marketing Manager Curtis Campbell and Hughes Vice President, Media Services Mike Tippets.

Weidmann discussed how to identify and interpret the data points that reveal how digital signage influences sales using Dairy Queen as a case study. He helped Dairy Queen use point-of-sale and SKU data to determine how digital billboards affected sales of the “Blizzard of the Month” at franchised locations. The resulting intelligence enabled corporate to provide franchisees specific advice on what to present through their screen networks to stimulate sales. It is also the kind of hard proof executives want before they invest in more and better digital display technology.