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Connecting the Unconnected

A special podcast series from On Orbit

We are on the brink of a new frontier – a world in which everything and everyone will be transmitting data over the network. Businesses, IoT devices, personal communications devices and more will all be part of this ubiquitous global network, which has the potential to transform our society through connectivity. In order to realize the benefits of a connected world, all people, even those who live or work beyond the reach of terrestrial solutions, must be able to access the Internet – reliably and affordably. Our series examines how satellite is essential to connecting the unconnected, and powering our connected future.



Connecting the Unconnected Part 3: When Disaster Strikes (Tony Bardo, Dan Brown)

In the third episode of our special podcast series, “Connecting the Unconnected,” Hughes Network Systems’ Tony Bardo and Dan Brown join a discussion about the vital role that satellite technology plays in emergency services and disaster recovery, and the difference it has made in some of the most infamous disaster situations in recent years.

Changing Lives with Affordable Community Wi-Fi Internet Access (Vinay Patel, Wilson Azevedo, John Holguin

We do a deeper dive on satellite-enabled Community Wi-Fi solutions and how they are creating affordable internet access around the world. Guests examine the socioeconomic challenges and benefits to bringing remote communities online, the various models for Community Wi-Fi, share stories and testimonials from communities and discuss the role Facebook is playing to expand access.

Connecting Rural and Hard-to-Reach Populations (Dave Rehbehn, Mark Wymer)

We examine how technologies, current and future, help bridge the connectivity divide. Our conversation addresses the viability, potential, and timing/impact of solutions like LEO/GEO, cellular backhaul, Community Wi-Fi, and 5G – what’s helping now and how, and what’s to come over the next 5-10 years.

Community Wi-Fi: Education, Healthcare, and Economic Equality (Jeffrey Hill, Dave Rehbehn, Peter Gulla)

Dave and Peter provide a boots-on-the-ground viewpoint on the role of both existing and new constellation satellites for providing affordable access – from cellular backhaul to community Wi-Fi to the deployment of new GEO and LEO assets. The trio also talks a bit about Hughes’ own community Wi-Fi program and its utilization of community advocates and entrepreneurship, as well as how the industry as a whole can advance understanding of the value of satellite in the connected future.