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HT2000L Multi Path Terminal

Multiple Options for Path Diverse backup in a single appliance


In today’s fast paced business world, connectivity to the Internet is no longer an option, it is a requirement. Software tools, applications and information are accessed via the Internet and you cannot provide quality service without connectivity. Because of the mission critical nature of these services, you need access in all locations, no matter how remote.

For those locations where cable, DSL and Fiber are not available, you need a wireless solution that provides broadband level speed and throughput. Plus, at all your locations, you want path diverse network backup options that won’t let you down. Path diversity is a term that means your backup is not in the same place as your primary. For example backing up a Cable connection with DSL is not good because damage or issues with the cable line will probably impact the DSL as well. If you want to back up your network with path diversity, you should consider LTE or Satellite. Hughes had made it easy for you to work with either or both of these by providing a single device that will be your satellite modem, your LTE modem or both. Now you can have connectivity for locations that don’t have terrestrial options and network backup with path diversity. And you have access with just one piece of hardware in each location.



The HT2000L Multi Path Terminal provides connectivity to both satellite and LTE services in a single hardware terminal. This means one device on the shelf, one power plug and full access to Hughes HTS satellite services, Verizon and AT&T LTE services.


  • Avoid network outages with path diverse back-up. 
  • Streamline your network backup into a single CPE and still choose the best solution for each site.
  • Reliable primary and backup network solution for your locations where wireline broadband access is not available.
  • Compatible with the Hughes Secure SD-WAN Gateways and non-Hughes routers and firewalls.
  • Provides your location(s) with multiple highspeed broadband access for backup, VPN connectivity, cloud based applications and guest Wi-Fi. 
  • Available as part of a Hughes fully managed network solution or stand alone 
  • Compatible with both Verizon and AT&T LTE services 
  • Provides true broadband speeds over both LTE and HTS connectivity 
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The HT2000L is part of the HughesON™ Managed Services family and comes with optional installation, monitoring and management services that remove the worry about uptime. You focus on your business and don’t worry about your credit card transactions, customer communications and other online tools and services. HughesON Managed Services deliver reliable operation, network uptime and worry-free maintenance and warranty services.