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Nonprofit Expands Telemedicine Services with HughesXpress Wi-Fi to Reduce Health Inequities in Mexico

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Telemedicine with HughesXpress help


Founded in 1997, Pro Mazahua, also known as the Pro Mexico Indigena Foundation, works to mitigate the challenges faced by Indigenous communities in the southernmost tip of Mexico. In this remote region, known as Chiapas, more than 17 million people from 68 Indigenous communities––each with their own language and customs––live in remote mountain villages. Many of these communities lack clean water, electricity, sewage systems, access to medical services and adequate food supply.


As part of its mission to mitigate the challenges faced by Indigenous communities, Pro Mazahua sought to not only strengthen their food and water supply but also to reduce health inequities and improve medical care. In early 2022, Pro Mazahua received a Pfizer Global Health Innovation Grant to launch a telemedicine program aimed at increasing medical services and reducing infectious diseases in the region. To succeed, the Pro Mazahua team needed reliable internet connectivity wherever they traveled so they could connect potential patients with medical professionals located elsewhere. Across Chiapas however, internet access is largely unavailable; where it does exist, service is slow and unreliable.

Hughes Solution

Pro Mazahua partnered with Hughes to provide critical internet access capabilities to the team. The access was made possible with HughesXpress Wi-Fi equipment in the two rural clinics equipped with health care medical equipment, medicines and iPads. At each of the rural clinics located at the States of Mexico and Chiapas, where there is no internet service, the team utilized the HughesXpress Wi-Fi equipment with Hughes satellite connectivity to light up a hotspot for connectivity.


"Since launching the program, we've seen substantial changes in the schemes of care and access to health services, in regions with wide development gaps. This kind of support is a paradigm shift for many families, who now see the tangible benefits of using technology to drive health outcomes. It also reinforces our commitment to reducing the conditions of poverty and marginalization of the Indigenous peoples of Mexico. Because of its impact and importance to communities, the clinic in Chiapas was named by local people as a "holy place.”


Lucia Gomez, Executive Director, Pro Mazahua


Hughes Technology

  • Hughes installed a Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT antenna) at each location to deliver internet connectivity. By pairing high-speed satellite internet with a Wi-Fi access point, HughesXpress Wi-Fi creates a hotspot to connect team members and those from the local community seeking medical services with remote doctors and nurses.
  • Hughes JUPITER™ System technology supports HughesXpress Wi-Fi. Each JUPITER VSAT is capable of 300+ Mbps of throughput and thousands of simultaneous sessions, making it possible for many people to access the internet from the Wi-Fi hotspot using hand-held devices, tablets or computers. Doctors and paramedics at the community clinics use a suite of medical equipment connected via Bluetooth to iPads, enabling them to monitor and share patient data. Real-time data is shared between the team at the clinic and the specialist doctor at the central location for analysis and a more precise diagnosis and proper treatment plan. The use of communications, IT resources and new health care devices unleash the power of Telemedicine services with greater collaboration and coordination at rural locations.
  • In addition to streaming video consultations, the hotspot enables the team to share, collect and update medical records easily.

When the 2022 Telemedicine project ended, the team far exceeded its goals, completing 3,184 consultations––2,742 in the State of Mexico and 442 in Chiapas.


“The Pro Mazahua project is not only visionary, but also transformational for thousands of people who have been able to access medical care this past year––some perhaps for the very first time. The entire Hughes team is proud to have been an integral part of the effort. It’s a prime example of how internet access can truly change peoples’ lives.”


Eloy Mendez, Senior Sales Director, Hughes


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