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Satellite Ground Systems

The most efficient, highest capacity satellite in orbit might promise gigabits per second of bandwidth – but if users in offices, homes, airplanes and ships cannot access the service, all that throughput is all but useless. Making the most of the precious resource that is satellite capacity requires a ground network system that turns that capacity into the highest performing and bandwidth possible. A typical ground system includes:

  • Terminals or Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT), which consists of a “dish” (antenna) and a router or user terminal, and which are required at every site to enable service.
  • Hubs or Gateways, which are typically built and serviced by a network operator, and where the satellite service interconnects with other services, such as the Cloud and the Internet.

Hughes manufactures its own terminals at a factory outside of Washington, D.C. Having delivered millions of terminals to customers across six continents, accounting for more than 50% of the global market share, Hughes undisputedly leads the industry in ground network systems. What’s more, the company’s JUPITER™ System ground network sets the de facto standard for broadband satellite implementations worldwide, operating on more than 40 conventional and High-Throughput Satellites and powering the largest satellite broadband network in the world, HughesNet®.

Hughes offers several proven ground network systems: the industry-leading JUPITER System and the HX and HM Systems, with robust network management systems and a variety of gateways, and a wide range of mobile satellite terminals. 

  • JUPITER System

    The world’s most advanced VSAT platform, for broadband services over high-throughput and conventional satellites

  • HX System

    DVB-S2 IP satellite broadband system

  • HM System

    Efficient and agile SATCOM for mobile and portable applications

  • EchoStar Mobile Satellite Terminals & Hughes BGAN Terminals

    Lightweight portable, fixed and vehicular mobile satellite terminals, ranging from commercial to military grade

  • Flyaway & ManPack Terminals

    Lightweight and transportable terminals for connecting service members anywhere the mission takes them