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EchoStar XVII
  • Launch: July 2012

  • Position: 107.1° West longitude

  • Coverage: Parts of North America

  • Service sectors: Consumer and small business

  • Capacity: 120 Gbps

  • Manufacturer: Space Systems/Loral (SSL)

Launched in July 2012 into its geostationary orbital slot 22,300 miles above the equator, JUPITER™ 1 (EchoStar XVII) is a fourth-generation Ka-band satellite providing HughesNet® high-speed internet services in North America. JUPITER 1 exponentially increased the capacity of its predecessor SPACEWAY 3 to 120 Gbps and delivered 100 times more capacity than conventional Ku-band satellites. This satellite has a multi-spot beam, bent-pipe Ka-band architecture and was the world’s highest capacity broadband satellite when it launched.


Hughes EchoStar XVII Satellite with JUPITER™ High Throughput Technology Successfully Launched


EchoStar XVII Satellite Launch
July 5, 2012