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The connected future is here. It’s in upstate New Hampshire, where a freelance writer works online at home far from the city. It’s in Colombia, where a shop-owner sells affordable Wi-Fi and Internet access to rural villagers. It’s in the Southwest U.S., where a fast-casual restaurant chain can analyze data to improve the online experience for their customers. It’s in a military base in the Middle East, where service members connect with family and friends half a world away. It’s in the Congo, where a mobile network operator extends 3G cell service to customers in hard-to-reach places. It’s in India, where healthcare providers in towns and villages take online classes taught by experts from major urban clinics. It’s in the air, where travelers work or watch the latest movies and news, no matter where they are flying.

Making these connections is what Hughes is all about. We are industry leaders in both networking technologies and services, innovating constantly to deliver the global solutions that power a connected future for people, enterprises and things everywhere.

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