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Our high-quality video solutions can improve your ability
to communicate effectively with a media savvy audience.

Rich Media Delivery

Today’s technology has led to some truly amazing developments. It has also contributed to higher customer expectations—especially in the entertainment industry. Your customers and employees live in a world of high-impact, highly engaging rich media. To communicate effectively with them via high-quality video, your dynamic messaging must be first-rate yet cost-effective. HUGHES can help you deliver this content cost-effectively and error-free.

Ranging from digital signage, to training and learning solutions, to corporate communications solutions, to digital cinema, Hughes Digital Media Services deliver high-impact digital media applications at the right price.

Inform, entertain and educate captive audience viewers with compelling screen displays that include video, news, and weather and entertainment information. Enable interactive distance learning, on-demand video and other web-based training options. Deliver rapidly changing benefits information and strengthen critical employee relations.

Improve your ability to communicate with media-savvy customers and employees, and you’ll improve profitability as a result.

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    Network delivers media-rich digital content to over 400 Regal-owned theaters in the U.S.

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    Digital Cinema

    Hughes introduced a new hero to Bollywood to achieve maximum growth potential.

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