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Manage Franchise Network

The Hughes Franchise Program is a brand-centric
approach to franchise networking.

Secure Credit Transactions with a Managed Franchise Network from Hughes

Enterprise-grade communications solutions and value-added services that improve the efficiency, security, and profitability of franchise businesses.

That’s why Hughes Franchise Network Services helps you manage all facets of an outsourced managed network solution—sales, marketing, standardized services, ordering, fulfillment, billing, and customer support. The beauty of a Hughes franchise solution is that it provides security and conformity for the franchisor while keeping life simple for the franchisee.

Based on the specific needs of your brand, Hughes delivers an off-the-shelf, standard solution that may include broadband satellite, DSL, cable and 3G wireless. With Hughes Franchise Network Services and Hughes Managed Services, you and your franchisees can stay focused on the big picture—running your business.

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