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Improve Application Performance

Hughes acceleration technologies can increase performance without
adding hardware.

Better Performance—Built-In

Thinking about upgrading your remote branch network bandwidth due to sluggish application performance? This can be a very expensive proposition, especially if you are upgrading from DSL circuit to a full T1 at each remote branch.

Many enterprises forgo the expense of adding bandwidth by purchasing a WAN Optimization appliance for each of their remote branches. This can also be a very expensive proposition if you have a lot of branch locations, not to mention the added expense and complexity of having to manage the new device.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Now, with Hughes’ managed network services, you can improve performance without adding hardware. We build WAN optimization and application acceleration capabilities into our premises-based access routers, allowing you to achieve increased performance over a broadband IP VPN network without the need of a third-party WAN Optimizatoin appliance.

Improve application performance without upgrading your existing broadband IP VPN network with integral WAN Optimization technology—managed on your behalf by Hughes.

More Speed—Not More Boxes

  • Improved network utilization and performance of TCP applications via caching, data reduction, compression, and application prioritization.
  • Helps avoid expensive bandwidth upgrades
  • Provides MPLS-like performance over a more economical broadband IP VPN network
  • Offers an alternative to an expensive MPLS network deployment.
  • Significantly reduced network access costs for remote sites versus a T1 deployment.

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