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Maritime Broadband Solutions

Land-Like Connectivity at Sea.


It’s not just cruise passengers who want internet access at sea anymore. Passengers and crew on ferries, fishing vessels and tour boats all need to be connected – not just to send and receive email; passengers expect to surf the web, hold video calls and stream movies. Crews need to complete payment transactions, monitor equipment and share passenger and cargo manifests and have access to the internet for crew welfare. On top of that, vessel safety depends on sensor data, constant equipment monitoring, and instant access to information – from weather to port congestion to security.

JUPITER System for Maritime Applications Anywhere in the World

The JUPITER™ System for maritime service enables cost-effective and efficient onboard connectivity to support passenger, crew and equipment connectivity. Using Ka-, Ku- and C-band satellite capacity, the JUPITER System Gateways and HT2500 router deliver reliable maritime connections with throughputs up to 300 Mbps. Plus, the system supports up to 16,000 simultaneous sessions, ideal for delivering connectivity to a vessel full of bandwidth-hungry passengers.

Sea the Difference With the Hughes JUPITER System for Maritime Mobility

Connectivity without the Gaps: Maritime Roaming

The JUPITER System supports roaming across JUPITER-driven implementations. As the vessel travels, the onboard JUPITER terminal automatically switches between beams and satellites; multiple JUPITER systems deployed around the world have the capability of seamless roaming across maritime networks, subject to agreements among operators.


Architecture of the JUPITER System for Maritime Mobility

JUPITER System Mobility Features

Mobility Features of the JUPITER System for Maritime include: 

  • OpenAMIP Support
  • Beam and Satellite Switching
  • Uninterrupted User Traffic
  • Global Roaming
  • Enhanced Power Control Algorithm
  • Return Channel (Inroute) Spreading
  • Mobility Gateway Demodulator
  • Regulatory Controls
  • DVB-S2X Forward Channels
  • Return Channels with ACM