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HT2900 Rapid Deploy Communications HUB


Designed for Any Environment


When work takes your team into rugged areas that have no infrastructure, you still need connectivity. Whether for safety, reporting, or general information sharing, you need to talk to the outside world.


The Hughes HT2900 is a transportable communications HUB designed for any environment. Once connected to power, the HT2900 can open communications channels using multiple satellite options and LTE. It will then provide both voice and data services to users at the location. With the included Wi-Fi access point, LAN switch, and PoE LAN switch, the HT2900 can provide connectivity to almost any type of networking device.


The HT2900 is designed to be transported directly to the most extreme locations. The steel frame has a protective lid, sling, and forklift access on both axes to allow for quick packing and deployment. The equipment is installed within a sealed enclosure to protect against water, dirt, sand, and other elements. It is designed to operate in hot or cold conditions and provide reliable voice and data communications. 


Once connected to power, the HT2900 opens communication channels to the outside world.

Satellite Connectivity

The HT2900 comes with a Hughes Radio mounted on a C-COM antenna system that utilizes an iNetVu auto-acquire system. The Hughes HT2000T terminal is purpose-built to integrate with the auto-acquire system and the radio. A second satellite connectivity option is available using the included Sailor Fleet One System based on Inmarsat satellite services.


LTE Connectivity

With the optional LTE module installed, the HT2900 can use either Verizon or AT&T to connect LTE and transmit data via that transport option as well. When implemented the LTE option includes a signal booster to improve communication.


Onsite Wired LAN

On the LAN side of the HT2000T terminal is a Hughes Secure SD-WAN gateway unit that will provide firewall, IDS/IPS, and UTM services. It will also create VPN connections to preauthorized locations.


Onsite Wi-Fi Service

For data communication (email, monitoring data, etc.) the HT2900 includes a Wi-Fi access point that can be used to provide connection to laptops, tablets, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices.


Voice over IP Phones

Two Power over Ethernet (POE) IP phones connect to the PoE switch in the HT2900. The Hughes Secure SD-WAN Gateway automatically establishes a VPN tunnel to the VoIP telephone service. Calls can be made and received at the HT2900.

side of ht2900

GPS Enabled

The hub includes a GPS device that allows it to be tracked around the world, making it ideal for asset management.


Portable Indoor Case

The hub includes a portable rugged case that includes the IP phones and a switch so you can bring connectivity into a trailer or office up to 500 feet away from the hub.



The hub can be modified to support a variety of configurations:

  • Ku or Ka

  • Stabilized or autodeploy antennas

  • Pelican case or SKB with 19" rack

  • FleetOne, BGAN, Iridium, or Globalstar

  • IP phones or ATA


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