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Bring Education within Reach with Distance Learning

Teach and train students anywhere, anytime, with distance learning technologies and services from Hughes.


Once a novelty, remote learning has become as natural as sitting in a classroom for students and teachers in every setting. For primary and secondary schools, universities and colleges, and government and commercial training institutes, distance learning capabilities are nothing short of a necessity – not just to maintain learning continuity for in-person programs but for private e-learning networks. At Hughes, we offer a variety of distance learning technologies and solutions to meet organizations’ needs for virtual-first as well as remote-optional programming.

E-Learning Networks

For universities as well as business and government training programs, we build private distance learning networks that include:

  • Live instruction
  • Video content on-demand
  • Student-to-teacher and student-to-student interactivity
  • Remote test administration
  • Digital classroom materials

For example, the Government Education and Training Network (GETN) spans more than 1,000 sites connected by a combination of satellite broadcasting and terrestrial audio-conferencing for secure, interactive training of military members and civilians worldwide.

Another example of a private training network is the India-based Hughes Global Education. Employing satellite broadband with efficient and cost-effective multicast capabilities, the Global Education platform delivers accredited interactive business and leadership classes to thousands of students across the country.

MediaTraining: In a world where workers are increasingly mobile, Hughes MediaTrainingTM, a multi-faceted, cloud-based solution, enables organizations to train thousands of employees efficiently and effectively. With content on-demand on any internet-enable device, MediaTraining makes it easy to ensure employees are knowledgeable and compliant with company products, policies and procedures using:

  • Store-and-forward video
  • Live broadcasts
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Mobile-friendly delivery
  • Zoom™ integration
  • Embedded tracking and analytics

Hughes Corporate DVR: Your workforce is already conditioned to “watch their way to knowledge” because of platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Why not provide your own video on demand platform for employee communications and learning?

Learn more about Hughes e-learning technologies and solutions by contacting us today.