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Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software

Manage and schedule your digital signage content from anywhere.

The Hughes MediaSignage platform is cloud-based digital signage software that enables you to deliver dynamic and targeted messages to your audience, both internal and external. Deploy informative and engaging customer-facing digital signage to augment customer service tools, boost customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty. Distributed organizations can provide timely employee communications to foster engagement and company culture while reducing turnover.

Manage thousands of digital signs from a single, cloud-based content management system. In real time, you can see signage status, push updates to various players, and schedule content months in advance - so you can ensure that your digital signage is saying what you want when you want.

With Hughes MediaSignage, you can: 
  • Increase flexibility and scalability with cloud-based content management
  • Easily update digital signs, menus, video walls, from any internet-enabled device, utilizing a modern HTML-5 responsive design
  • Drive engagement with time-of-day messaging, shift messaging, demographical, regional or seasonal pattern messaging
  • Provide real-time information to both customers and employees with both front-of-house and back-of-house displays, manageable from the same system
  • Communicate with and manage both external devices and SmartTV devices from one interface
  • Easily capture and archive live screenshots of any screen on your signage network to ensure the right content is showing at the right time.
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Hughes MediaSignage is an advanced, cloud-based digital signage solution designed to provide live and on-demand HD video, image playback and data feeds to any number of screens.

Multiple screens can run on a single network, and players can be moved from location to location as needed—all you need is electricity and Internet. Hughes MediaSignage supports a large array of template designs — providing live TV and video, on-demand video, still images, and scrolling data feeds including social media, weather, and facility/location-specific information. Deploy our digital signage platform to power your digital menu boards, on-campus digital signage, waiting room digital signage, employee breakroom digital signage and more.

Hughes MediaSignage software includes: 
  • Cloud-based access, management and deployment from any internet-enabled device
  • Simple and intuitive interface, with easy-to-use, drag & drop functionality
  • Integrated layout & program designer and manager
  • Robust content creation & scheduling
  • Integrated & complete digital signage player/device management
  • Stores data at the sign level, which means that even if your network goes down, your screen continues to deliver the scheduled content
  • Out-of-the-box, ready-to-install solution with a simple setup wizard to connect the screen and digital media player to the preferred network
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Hughes offers player and player-less digital signage options, which means that no matter the budget or no matter the location - Hughes can help your business communicate and connect with customers and employees like never before.

Contact us today for more information about Hughes MediaSignage cloud-based digital signage software solutions.

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