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HughesNet Internet Continuity


Internet Backup When Primary Service Fails

HughesNet Internet Continuity is an affordable connectivity backup service that seamlessly delivers broadband Internet when your primary Internet service fails.  Because HughesNet Internet Continuity is satellite Internet, it is not exposed to the risks faced by terrestrial Internet options. In addition, it is more cost effective than terrestrial options. When human error or natural disaster knock your business offline, satellite provides a truly diverse way to stay connected.

How It Works


Leave the work to us! A certified installer will set up the equipment for you. An Automatic Failover Router will be installed to serve as a detection and connection device. First, the Automatic Failover Router will be hooked up to your PC or router. Then the Automatic Failover Router is connected to both your DSL/cable connection and the satellite backup connection.



In the event your primary connection goes down, the Automatic Failover Router will detect the failure and automatically route traffic to the satellite backup. Most failovers take less than 3 minutes. However, this time could be less depending on how your primary Internet connection fails.



Once your primary connection is re-established, the Automatic Failover Router detects the restart and automatically routes traffic back to your primary landline connection. The automation and speed at which this process takes place ensures that your business stays connected, no matter what goes down, without the need for human intervention, so you can focus on what really matters.