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Oil & Gas

Lay a secure backbone for your pipeline or oil rig with a highly reliable, secure, always-on network from Hughes.

In today's highly sophisticated energy exploration industry, the importance of network speed and reliability cannot be overstated. With a constant stream of vital information to be collected, relayed, and analyzed, email, web pages and file transfers, a fast, secure, and accurate network is the only way to manage costs and keep your business flowing. If your network access goes down, so do productivity and profits. Land-based communications are often not an option; that’s where Hughes brings the next generation of high-speed satellite Internet to you. Providing high-speed connectivity no matter the location: rig, exploration, drilling, completion, production, pipeline, or mine

Fast, Reliable, and Secure

  • Easily connect operators, engineers, and managers back to HQ from remote rigs, pipelines or mines.

  • Monitor and analyze data over a high-speed network

  • Superior security

  • Reliable voice communications

  • Flexible and fully customizable – Hughes has developed a robust suite of internet access plans specifically tailored to the energy sector. Available everywhere over land and sea.

  • Fully managed network service from a single provider

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