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Setting the Course for Maritime Broadband


To keep your global maritime business one wave ahead of the competition, you need a reliable network that can transmit data around the clock from anywhere in the world. Hughes can help. We’ve developed comprehensive broadband satellite solutions that withstand the extreme environments of ships and vessels and address the specific requirements of the maritime industry. Hughes Maritime Broadband Services are built upon our leadership as a major technology innovator and networking solutions provider to global enterprises, including the oil and gas sector.

Hughes Maritime Broadband Services Highlights

  • Unlimited usage with a flat monthly rate for Internet data and voice over IP

  • Guaranteed bandwidth and burst rates

  • Standard plans include online network monitoring

  • Antennas from 60 cm to 1.2 m

  • Compliant with IPoS/DVB-S2 global standard

  • 99.7% network availability

  • 24x7 customer service and support

Even when your business is headquartered in a remote part of the ocean, you can stay in touch with the world with just a click of a button. So when you think of broadband for your offshore business, count on Hughes for fully managed, end-to-end maritime communications solutions.

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