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Private Network Creation

If your business or agency has multiple locations, fast, easy collaboration among all your sites is vital to your success. So is being able to add new locations as your operation grows. But, how can you connect all your sites simply and affordably? Cable and DSL don’t reach everywhere. T1 can be expensive, and you may need multiple vendors. That means more time spent managing your network, which drains time and energy away from what’s really important: continuing to grow and expand the services you provide. You need a reliable broadband satellite network solution for your private network.

Choose a Virtual Private Network from Hughes

We have the broadband solutions you need to fully connect your business or agency. Our HughesNet® for Business Internet service with VPN gives you a simple, affordable way to fill in the gaps in your coverage, connecting locations you weren’t able to reach before, with fast, secure access via the Internet to your existing network.

Or Choose a Private Network Solution

HughesON Private Networks offers a single turnkey solution that connects all your locations, wherever they are, with a cost-effective, high-performance secure private network.

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