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Employee Training

Harness the Training Power of Digital Media

When you're dealing with a large-scale workforce, HughesON Training and Learning services present the ideal way to maximize performance, increase productivity, and stay ahead of the competition. With digital media such as on-demand video and the ability to track a student’s participation, you can implement training programs and ensure compliance with corporate or agency mandates—all from a centralized location.

HughesON Training and Learning services make it easy, integrating all the technology, broadband network connectivity, and professional services necessary for a complete, cutting-edge private video training network. And our cost-saving solutions help you manage, deliver, and track individual user training across all your remote sites.

Keep Employees Engaged and Up-to-Speed

  • Deliver live and on-demand content for interactive training

  • Record and archive training sessions for future access

  • Upload content, assign viewing rights, and set training objectives from a convenient central administration system

  • Track user activity to confirm and monitor completed viewings and results

  • Automatically collect and transmit information for customized report generation

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