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By Industry
Airline & Cargo
Broadband takes flight!
The business of selling cars is done mostly over the Internet. Give new buyers a smooth experience, and they'll drive off happy and keep coming back.
Financial Services
Financial institutions rely on their networks to carry out day-to-day business. Due to the sensitivity and value of the data, these networks must be as secure and reliable as technology allows.
Governments, Multilateral Organizations, NGOs
Global connectivity, technical support, and worldwide network operations and management—enabling agencies to connect globally.
Keep guests informed, engaged, and entertained while they're on your property, with tailored hospitality solutions from HughesON.
Information is critical to the success of your manufacturing business. A broadband network solution from Hughes can improve efficiency and boost profitability.
Setting the Course for Maritime Broadband
Our high-quality video solutions can improve your ability to communicate effectively with a media savvy audience.
Mobile Communications
Communications on the Move: Hughes provides broadband access on a range of mobile platforms.
Multinational Enterprises
Uniformly secure, affordable, and seamless network that crosses all boundaries.
Oil & Gas
Lay a secure backbone for your pipeline or oil rig with a highly reliable, secure, always-on network from Hughes.
Improve Convenience and Service to Keep Customers Coming Back: Today's consumers are more connected than ever. The restaurant of the future needs to be too.
Engage Customers at Every Turn to Win Their Business: Improve the bottom line with HughesON Retail Solutions that enhance customer experience, drive sales, and deepen engagement.
Retail Petroleum
Focus on Your Business, Not Your Network: We take care of your network so you can take care of your customers and your retail petroleum business.
Telecom & Service Providers
Comprehensive Solutions for Telecommunications Operators
Network solutions for the utility company of the future—today
By Challenge
Access Continuity
Stay Connected with Satellite Internet
Applications Performance Improvement
Better Performance—Built-In
Customer Outreach
Better Customer Communications
Employee Training
Harness the Training Power of Digital Media
Expand Global Business
Growth Oriented Networking
Franchise Network Management
Secure Credit Transactions with a Managed Franchise Network from Hughes
Get Connected
Getting Connected with Satellite Internet Service
Mobile Workforce Enablement
Remote Connectivity Without the Gaps
Network Security
Keep Information Safe and Threats at Bay
Private Network Creation
Reduce Costs