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Intelligent Path Control for High Application Availability

In large distributed organizations, it’s common for a small percentage of the branch population to be impacted by brownouts or blackouts on broadband connections. While ActiveQOS, ActiveClassifier and ActiveCompression are always optimizing network flows independently for each path, based on the real-time characteristics, Hughes ActivePath takes application optimization one step farther.

ActivePath ensures that the performance of each branch’s WAN as a whole is always maximized by continuously comparing each link’s real-time characteristics with application performance thresholds and directing traffic in the optimal direction. This allows application performance to inherit the characteristics of the best performing path, while alternative paths are suffering from degradation, without resetting TCP connections and minimizing the impact to the end user during path transitions.

Hughes ActivePath also uses Intelligent Multipath Replication (IMR) technology to automatically replicate mission critical application traffic across the available WAN paths. This allows ActivePath to eliminate the impact that brownout and blackout conditions have on sensitive applications, such as VoIP, at the branch when individual paths experience degradation. By proactively replicating the most important traffic, ActivePath can prevent the short outages that occur when applications are re-routed to alternative paths.

ActivePath leverages ActiveClassifier to become application aware, which allows IMR to replicate real-time and interactive applications, while not oversubscribing alternative paths with the replication of lower priority bulk applications, such as software downloads and system updates, that are much more tolerant of path transitions and short outages.