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Multi-branch Technologies

Cutting edge tools to help you get the best out of your network for robust security, performance optimization, and rich media.

Broadband appliances come with ActiveTechnologies™, a technology to enable high performance broadband. ActiveTechnologies transform ordinary broadband connections into extraordinary networks that keep you ahead of the demands. The ActiveTechnologies suite consists of three components: ActiveClassifier™, ActiveQoS™, and ActiveCompression™, and ActivePath™.

Hughes ActiveClassifier automatically identifies different types of data and apps, and tags them with a specific priority setting. ActiveClassifier does away with the time-consuming process of configuring rules to classify and prioritize traffic, using advanced heuristics algorithms to do these functions.

At the heart of ActiveTechnologies is Hughes ActiveQoS, which intelligently monitors the broadband WAN, where capacity fluctuates and typical prioritization approaches are simply not effective. ActiveQoS intelligently determines end-to-end network capacity and meters traffic with multi-level priority queues—resulting in dramatically better network performance, even for real-time traffic like VoIP and video.

Hughes ActiveCompression completes the picture by boosting virtual bandwidth. Using a unique, two-stage adaptive process, it compresses traffic before it enters broadband pipes, achieving up to 300% more data throughput.

Finally, Hughes ActivePath completes the picture as an intelligent path control technology that maximizes the availability of applications at a branch by routing applications over the best performing path and utilizing multiple paths in an active-active fashion for mission critical applications. ActivePath delivers on the promise of SD-WAN delivering an optimized multi-path solution for distributed enterprises.