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Hughes High-Throughput Satellite Constellation

Ensuring continued leadership in satellite broadband services and solutions.

Hughes is the global leader in broadband satellite networks and services with the world’s largest and fastest satellite broadband network. The network supports a variety of consumer, business, enterprise, in-flight and cellular backhaul applications across two continents.

It utilizes the latest JUPITER™ System technology operating on the recently launched Hughes EchoStar XIX satellite, the world’s highest capacity broadband satellite. It also operates over EchoStar XVII and the Hughes hosted payload on the Hughes 65W satellite.

With next year’s launch of Hughes hosted payload on the Hughes 63W satellite, the network will be further enhanced and provide additional coverage in South America.

Supported by 49 gateways and hundreds of spot beams, the network will deliver more than 400 Gbps of capacity for use by consumer and business customers across North and South America.