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Hughes Dual-band (Ka/Ku) In-flight Connectivity System

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As demand and performance expectations for In-flight Connectivity (IFC) grow, gate-to-gate connectivity for global flight routes has become a critical need and a serious challenge. While Ka-band satellites are often the first choice for supporting IFC traffic, many flight routes simply do not have access to Ka capacity, either for portions of the route, or in some cases, for the entire route. Further, since aircraft are often assigned to different routes from time to time, it is not typically feasible or efficient to configure an aircraft for a single type of connectivity. Thus, to meet passengers’ ever growing expectations for end-to-end connectivity regardless of flight route, and to ensure maximum flexibility for airlines in assigning and routing aircraft, it is essential to have the ability to use both Ka- and Ku-band satellites for many long-haul flight routes, and even many short-haul routes that operate in regions not served by Ka capacity.

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