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The View from JUPITER: High-Throughput Satellite Systems

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White Papers

Since the invention by Hughes of the commercial very small aperture terminal (VSAT) and subsequent launch of the first satellite network connecting Wal-Mart stores in 1986, the satellite networking industry has evolved from a technology novelty to become an integral part of today’s mainstream telecom infrastructure—serving many millions of enterprise, government, and consumer customers around the globe. From the first VSATs weighing several kilos, supporting 9.6 kbps data rates, and operating over limited power satellites with capacities typically below 1 Gbps, the latest high-speed Internet services deliver speeds from 10 Mbps and higher to continent-wide populations, operating over powerful satellites having well over 100 Gbps capacity. In this white paper we explore the architectures and capabilities of this new generation of high-throughput satellite systems and show how they enable service delivery of an expanding world of media-rich applications—competitively, across all market sectors. This white paper showcases the experience Hughes has as the world’s largest Ka-band system operator and as the developer of a new set of technologies, known as JUPITER™, which Hughes uses as the foundation of its own Ka-band systems to support a wide range of applications and markets, including the most demanding enterprise and government applications.