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Pradman Kaul of Hughes Network Systems Receives 2021 AIAA Aerospace Communications Award


Germantown, MD, November 3, 2021Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES), an innovator in satellite and multi-transport technologies and networks for 50 years, announced today that American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) awarded Pradman P. Kaul, president and CEO of Hughes, the 2021 Aerospace Communications Award. Kaul received the award, which recognizes outstanding contributions in the field of aerospace communications, for his leadership in the creation and development of the very small aperture terminal (VSAT) and its significance to the satellite communications industry.

“Thank you to the AIAA for this honor. It reflects the innovations and contributions of a long line of engineers at Hughes with whom I have had the privilege of working,” said Pradman P. Kaul, president and CEO at Hughes. “As we celebrate half a century since the start of Hughes, I continue to be amazed and humbled by what our industry has accomplished and how much we still stand to achieve.”

A breakthrough technology in the 1980s, the VSAT commercialized satellite enterprise networks and effectively launched today’s multi-billion-dollar global satellite networking business. As of this year, Hughes has manufactured and shipped more than nine million VSAT terminals of all kinds for customers around the world, representing more than 50% of the global VSAT market share.

“Mr. Kaul played a pivotal role in the development of satellite industry innovations that deliver immeasurable economic and societal benefits every day to consumers, enterprises and governments worldwide,” said Denis Curtin, Fellow, AIAA. “In an exciting time in aerospace communications, we’re pleased to recognize his trailblazing work and a legacy that will echo across the industry for decades to come.”