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Finding the Right Road to Mobility Markets


In Gottlieb's Satellite Mobility World latest editorial issue, Pradman Kaul, CEO of Hughes Network Systems, discusses the strategic decisions and intense thought processes behind Hughes' success over the years, and how those processes influence present and future decisions. 

"With over $1.4 Billion of parent, Echostar's,$1.8 Billion in revenues and a dominant position in consumer and enterprise markets, we have wondered why HughesNetwork Systems is not a more active participant in mobility markets.

HNS was an early pioneer in the development of VSATsand, in particular, TDMA technology, and today both operates and successfully markets its hub and modem infrastructure globally. Though not a service provider in aero or maritime markets, their technology is widely used in both.

To find out why mobility has not been a major priority for Hughes in the past and whether and how the company will participate in these markets in the future, we made a pilgrimage out to HNSto visit with Hughes' legendary CEO, Pradman Kaul. The story he tells is illuminating and helps us realize how careful strategic choices have enabled HNS to become the giant company they are today."

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