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Hughes’ Newest Broadband Solution – Cost Effective, Resilient, Advanced Security with Zero-Touch Simplicity

Managed Services

The strategic importance of the wide area network (WAN) grows unabated as enterprises digitize their business operations. Even the most cost-sensitive enterprises are seeking new WAN solutions that deliver high performance, non-stop availability and robust security.  

To that end, Hughes just announced an exciting networking solution based on the highly integrated FortiGate 30E platform. This cost effective solution delivers robust broadband connectivity and strong security at an affordable price, with the convenience of zero-touch installation.   

The 30E solution is part of Hughes’ managed services portfolio, meaning it comes with everything enterprises need – wired and 4G wireless broadband support, security, installation, provisioning and customer support. The 30E platform is particularly well suited for enterprises with smaller footprint locations –such as retail petroleum, c-stores, and restaurants – where a single, integrated solution works best. 

Our customers have told us their network needs have evolved far beyond basic point-of-sale (POS) and back-office applications, and their security requirements have advanced beyond compliance. They are experiencing big shifts, with more cloud, mobile computing and multimedia traffic becoming the fastest-growing application types, creating new requirements for their networks. 

In addition to the network support required for things like cloud-managed WiFi ,video to enhance customer experiences, and business VoIP service for voice communications, stores are becoming smarter with new technologies like iBeacons, NFC, touchscreens, digital kiosks and the Internet of Things. Their customers are also asking for new capabilities like mobile payments and buy-it-online; pick-it-up-locally. 

The Hughes 30E solution was designed to address these requirements. While it is cost effective, it’s certainly not lacking for enterprise-grade features. It provides a PCI-compliant, IPsec VPN with a next-generation firewall at each site to ensure that both merchants’ data and their customers’ data remains secure. It can optionally provide enhanced network security with real-time threat intelligence updates to ensure continuous protection against security threats and attacks. 

Performance-wise, the solution enables merchants to leverage affordable high capacity broadband to support their ever-growing suite of applications without compromise.   

The solution also offers greater connectivity and flexibility through integrated 4G support, delivering resilient communications with the diverse 4G path switching to maintain connectivity in the event that the primary broadband circuit fails. 

The bottom line is that today’s retail organizations require smarter and more flexible options for their changing network, application, traffic and security needs. The new solution combines the security technology of Fortinet with the managed services and franchise networking support from Hughes, makes an ideal solution for distributed enterprises seeking simplicity, cost effectiveness and enterprise grade features for their many locations.