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SD-WAN Security: Six Questions You Need to Ask

Managed Services

These days, “security” is something we search for in many aspects of our lives. Our homes, our lives online, our devices, and other areas of our lives are all susceptible to threats every day.

Many people would like to hear that they have security guaranteed in their managed SD-WAN, but do you really understand what that means? Read this post to learn about the ways secure and managed SD-WAN can help your enterprise.

As we wrote earlier about SD-WAN security, in the case of your home, security can simply mean a lock on your front door, but it can also mean a comprehensive system, marking all points of entry with quality cameras and 24/7 availability to check in on your home from a remote location.

When it comes to your network, there are even more ways secure connectivity can come into play.

Let's say you want to deploy a state of the art SD-WAN solution, You understand all the benefits of SD-WAN, greater bandwidth, lower cost, greater scalability. Now is the time to delve deeper into your SD-WAN security. The following are six questions you should be asking of your managed network provider:

  1. Does your SD-WAN solution come with a security offering included?
  2. Do you have an integrated security solution with your platform?
  3. What is the cost of your SD-WAN provider that has its VM solution with the embedded solution in the hypervisor?
  4. Is your security provider vetted to provide a solution in the unified threat management space (UTM)?
  5. Is your SD-WAN provider a leading competitor in premises-based security area?
  6. If your security solution is cloud-based, does it have the bandwidth to handle guest Wi-Fi traffic?

With these six questions, you should start to get a good idea of your SD-WAN provider and what kind of secure SD-WAN solution they offer. Having a managed security solution integrated with a managed SD-WAN offering is just one of many SD-WAN benefits and also alleviates the need to manage the security yourself.