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SD-WAN Security: Are You Really Secure?

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Security is a big topic in SD-WAN. Everyone says they have secure SD-WAN, but do they really have the kind of SD-WAN security you need. Take this example:

Homeowner A: “Do you have security for your home?”

Homeowner B: “Yes, I have security for my home. I have a lock on the front door. Do you have security for your home?”

Homeowner A: “Yes, I have security for my home. I have a lock on the front door and also on all of the other points of entry into the house. I have a state of the art burglar alarm that I test every month. It not only monitors any unauthorized attempts to enter my house, it is equipped with motion sensors that alert me to any activity in the house when I am not there. I have a mobile app on my phone which allows me to check a live video feed from numerous IPTV cameras to find out what’s going on in and around my home. With my IoT doorbell, I can even respond to strangers knocking on my door. Every quarter, I receive crime reports from the local police station, which alerts me to any robberies, attacks, and other potential threats. I have security for my home.”

Do you see a difference?

Retailer A: “Do you have security for your SD-WAN?”

Retailer B: “Yes, I have security for my SD-WAN. My SD-WAN provider uses a cloud-based security solution. They tell me it is very good. Do you have security for your SD-WAN solution?”

Retailer A: “Yes, I have security for my SD-WAN. My SD-WAN provider uses a security solution that has been thoroughly vetted by respected market analysts and has received formal recognition and awards as a leading provider in network security. In addition to cloud-based options, they also provide an integrated on-premise option which provides me with additional flexibility, application performance, and cost savings. My SD-WAN solution protects my network from by integrating a full portfolio of Unified Threat Management (UTM) services, including antivirus, anti-spam, intrusion detection services (IDS), intrusion protection services (IPS), and web content filtering.

I am also able to use Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions that leverages behavioral analytics to identify genuine threats to my network in real-time so that my employees are not overwhelmed by a flood of alerts. Also, my SD-WAN solution includes Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR), which uses alerts from the various integrated platforms within my network and analyzes the cases to develop a sophisticated, automated response, which dramatically improves my ability to respond to detect events. My SD-WAN provider’s Security Operations Center (SOC) proactively monitors my network and notifies me of any issues they may find. I have security for my SD-WAN.“

Do you see a difference?

You should know what type of security you have in place in your home and with your network. Read our next post to learn six questions you should be asking about SD-WAN security.