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HughesON Managed SD-WAN Leads the Way. Here's Why.

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In gearing up for the New Year, I reviewed several past articles on SD-WAN and noticed that many industry analysts consider us a powerhouse in the satellite industry, of course, and in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) space.That’s tremendous. But what may be even more of a difference maker for our customers moving forward is our Managed SD-WAN offering. Let’s take a look at how it’s standing out in the marketplace.

For starters, when it comes to Cloud/SaaS-based application optimization, our real-time performance metrics actually exceed the industry norm. While some providers measure capacity once every 30 minutes, Hughes measures capacity four times every second. That’s 1800 times more frequently.That’s SD-WAN at the speed of business.

Why does that matter? Because in order to improve traffic flow performance, it’s imperative to know a connection’s capacity limits at any given moment. Our HughesON™ Managed SD-WAN solution, which relies on our ActiveTechnologies™, determines the capacity available in real-time and fits traffic within those precise limits. Our technologies continually shape network traffic accordingly, so that transactions process at sub-second speeds – eliminating lags and delays.

All of this happens automatically, out of the box, and doesn’t require user intervention to build policies or add and deploy new apps. And Hughes technologies can be overlaid onto any existing WAN connection, whether it’s a DSL in Duluth or a T-1 line in Tampa.

Applying Four Decades of Experience

Because Hughes has been an innovator and leading provider of network communications for over 40 years, we’ve applied this experience and earned expertise to solve the issue of broadband optimization. Today, we have over 30,000 SD-WAN sites in service, with offerings built with the needs of the branch level (and by extension, the customer experience) first and foremost. . Our single box solution integrates broad network functions which include: 

  • Intelligent routing
  • Strong edge and network security with next generation firewall and unified threat management, or UTM, from Fortinet (the Gartner magic quadrant leader and the industry’s best-of-breed)
  • WAN optimization to support the many cloud-based apps used at the branch level; 
  • Wi-Fi

Borne from our experience with satellite circuits, the HughesON SD-WAN solution excels in the area of Wi-Fi enabled mobile communications at the branch and was one of the first to operate successfully over a 3G/4G network. We can also operate across satellite and microwave links. In fact, one of our central offerings is the use of a wired broadband circuit backed up by an LTE or satellite circuit as a way of providing a lower cost solution for certain businesses, while delivering a highly diverse and available connection. 

Essentially, it’s all of the benefits of SD-WAN with lower overall costs since it only leverages the usage-sensitive link when needed.

Similarly, our focus on video and voice traffic management over smaller circuits has given us the ability to apply our technologies and techniques to SD-WAN. 

That means we deliver key capabilities, such as packet duplication, prioritization, best path preference, and continuous bi-directional path measurement to avoid congestion and achieve QoS levels.

The Secret’s Out

Hughes has been around a long time. 

We’re a $1B business with four decades of technology leadership to our credit. We’ve served the needs of distributed branch organizations for over 20 years and delivered broadband optimization for the past 10. We offer full coverage across all of the U.S. and Canada, with a network of more than 4,000 service partners in the U.S. alone, able to provide fast service response times, 24x7x365. And with more than 450,000 sites globally, we’re the leading provider of business broadband circuits.

Most notably, our HughesON Managed SD-WAN solution won the 2018 SD-WAN Product of the Year Award presented by INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine, where Hughes was recognized for our innovation, vision and execution in delivering superior SD-WAN solutions to distributed enterprises. 

Our unique business model – the ability to serve as an MSP, as well as to develop and deliver our own technologies – certainly gives us an edge in all of those areas.

Learn about it first-hand now. Don't wait for the next analyst report. Contact us to talk to an SD-WAN expert.