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The Era of the Network Is the Era of SD-WAN

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For those who watched the Terminator movies, you know what Skynet was and that it eventually became self-aware and wanted to destroy humanity.

You also know that this was just a movie.

But as we look around today, we see more and more of our lives being turned over to Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices and network-based decisions. Network-integrated thermostats know whether or not you are home and react based on that information. Refrigerators recognize when you are low on essential items and automatically order them for you.

The path is certainly being laid for a network takeover, though without the Hollywood generated paranoia, at least. But before we get to a world built around the network, we need a network that can expand and grow with the increasing demands being placed on the network. When you depend on your network, brownouts, blackouts and other connectivity issues simply can’t happen.

Meet SD-WAN. HughesON Managed SD-WAN, for example, makes brownouts and blackouts a thing of the past, sensing network availability, prioritizing and replicating high value traffic, and ensuring excellent application performance across the network.

We can also prevent our fears of Skynet with SD-WAN security, which requires human intervention to access gated information.

Forget the fantasy world of Hollywood movies. Let’s focus on today’s realities when it comes to providing service, helping customers, and performing our jobs, and let’s talk about how SD-WAN can help.

Let’s talk about patient care and digital healthcare.

Medical professionals often deal with life-or-death situations where time is of the essence. A network with the ability to quickly assess and react to a situation and deliver information to the place or places it is needed is critical for the optimization of patient care. HughesON SD-WAN works over any transport type and replicates priority traffic so a critical health information always gets through.

Let’s talk about customer experience.

With limited time, budget and patience, a shopper needs to find a gift, return a shirt and pick up a prescription. The shopper needs a network that will recognize location, deliver a to-do list and connect you to help to complete these tasks. Absolute availability is a must.

Now let’s talk about a network that can do this for 1000 patients in the hospital or 1000 shoppers in the mall simultaneously. That’s where SD-WAN, and HughesON Managed-SD-WAN specifically, shines, extracting the maximum available capacity out of provisioned bandwidth with ActiveTechnologies.

It will come piece by piece and bit by bit, but over time we are going to put the network in charge. We’ll just skip the Rise of the Machines this time.