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VoIP for Business


Voice Matters
Despite the advent and growth of new communication channels between consumers and businesses, voice services remain important. Research, including Google’s study on use of their “click to call” function, shows that for instant answers, complex problem solving or a just personal touch, customers still want to talk to a human being. If you are not using a business VoIP service, you’re missing out on a valuable way to engage with your customers, enhance their experience and generate revenue. And, of course, keeping employees and management connected over a variety of channels increase operational efficiency. Hughes recognizes the vital role of voice communications and offers reliable, turnkey solutions as part of our optimized communications packages.

Benefits of VoIP
A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system enhances the customer and workforce experience, improves efficiency with flexible call routing and integrates into modern UC systems. Hughes’ VoIP solutions provide high-quality voice communications that are affordable, flexible and offer more features than traditional business phone lines. By leveraging existing Hughes networks to converge data and voice, Hughes VoIP Solutions allow for a single network partner and one bill. A VoIP solution doesn’t require replacement of existing Hughes technology -- and can have a dramatic impact on your overall cost.

Finding Efficiencies
IT budget demands can seem never-ending. Businesses and franchise organizations are under pressure to maintain a reliable network, to meet the requirements for PCI compliance and to be vigilant and anticipatory of growing cybersecurity threats. Add to those ongoing concerns the increasing demand for bandwidth driven by onsite devices and applications dependent on the network, and the pressure mounts to find cost efficiencies. Hughes’ VoIP solutions and services can significantly reduce telecom fees for each business and franchise location. For example, when a popular quick service restaurant (QSR) chain turned to Hughes to address the overall cost of IT operations and manage the upgrade to newly required PCI standards, our network solution included business VoIP service. Simply incorporating VoIP created a savings for $50 per site per month – in more than 3500 locations across the country. That cost savings alone was more than enough to cover the adoption of the new PCI compliance services. The company leveraged the robust and flexible network Hughes built to consolidate services, lower costs and prepare for the future – all without sacrificing or compromising on voice communications. For businesses that have call centers and high call volumes, Hughes also offers a VoIP solution powered by ActiveTechnologies™, through which we provide customized, enterprise ready, high volume VoIP that establishes voice packet prioritization across the WAN, without dropping call quality, even during the busiest hours of the day.

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