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Meet Coach Amanda – The Next Generation of Employee Training and Relations

Employee Communications

I truly enjoy writing about things that we have been watching for and that have finally arrived. When IBM first started touting their AI technology platform Watson, none of us wanted to invest in the technology just to win a round of Jeopardy. Now, the real advantages of Watson are becoming clear. Kevin Kruse of is bringing a new option for employee engagement tools to the market, "Coach Amanda." Powered by IBM’s Watson platform, Coach Amanda offers a new way to train employees.

Kevin and the LEADx team work closely with Coach Amanda, asking her a variety of questions to equip her with a growing library of content to reference. If you haven’t already seen this, please take a quick trip over to and see what they are saying. If you want to give it a try, send Kevin an email and tell him I sent you.

What does this mean for businesses? It means that we can more accurately and more dynamically evaluate the training needs of our teams in order to direct them to content that is most relevant to them. When a manager asks, "How can I talk to an employee about personal hygiene?” Coach Amanda will direct her to a video course on how to handle this delicate situation, not just recommend that they view a “Talking with Employees" course that is used for all new managers.

Another area where Coach Amanda can help is general employee relationships. Imagine if Coach Amanda was the HR interface for your employees. With the ability to understand questions and recognize key phrases, Coach Amanda knows when to connect an employee to an HR representative, offering an experience superior to typical IVR solutions.

Whether Coach Amanda is asking you questions and evaluating your responses, or you are asking her questions and listening to her answers, the system is providing valuable, interactive experiences that strengthen the bond between employee and company.

My final thought in all of this is that employees are the test cases for what will certainly become the interface for customers very soon. Let’s continue to ask Coach Amanda the hard questions to help her become the world’s most effective management coach and employee engagement tool.